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Do the math II (Hint available!)

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A. How long does it take two cyclists to meet who start 24 miles apart and
ride toward each other, one at
18 mph and the other at 14 mph?
B. Is a triangle with sides lengths
3, 5, and 7 acute, obtuse, or right?
if you answer wrong, try again
C. Of the sine, cosine, or tangent, which has the largest magnitude for π/3?
if wrong, try again
D. What is the loga 5th root of a, assuming a is positive?
Express as a fraction.
E. What is the product of 50 and 48?
F. Evaluate the product:
(sq rt 14) ( sq rt 1400)
G. In what quadrant is
the angle 73π / 8 ?
H. If (x - y)2 = 9, and xy = 40,
what is x2 + y2 ?
I. In standard form, what is the reciprocal of 2 + 3i ?
J. What is the
limx --> 2 ( x3 - 8) / ( x - 2) ?

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