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S (2)A theorem which allows the computation of the limit of an expression by trapping the expression between two other expressions which have limits that are easier to compute.
S (1)Any real number, or any quantity that can be measured using a single real number, e.g. temperature, length, mass; has magnitude but no direction.
S (2)A line which passes through at least two points of a curve.
S (3)A method for determining whether a critical point is a relative minimum or maximum.
S (4)A point on the graph of a function at which the second derivative is either 0 or undefined.
S (4)A part of the interior of a circle bounded by a chord and an arc.
S (2)A property of fractals in which the pattern of the whole occurs in each part.
S (1)Half the perimeter of a plane figure.
S (3)A first order ordinary differential equation which can be solved by separating all occurrences of the two variables on either side of the equal sign and then integrating.
1st Letter/# WordsTermHint
S (2)A technique for finding the volume of a solid of revolution.
S (3)Any kind of periodic motion that can be modeled using a sinusoid.
S (2)A square matrix which does not have an inverse.
S (2)The study of triangles on the surface of a sphere, the sides of which are arcs of great circles. Useful for navigation.
S (1)A curve on a plane that turns endlessly outward or inward (or both); usually given by a polar equation.
S (2)A solution of a simplified version of an equation that does not satisfy the original equation.
S (4)A linear system of equations in which the number of variables equals the number of equations.
S (2)A theorem relating the length of a cevian to the lengths of the sides of a triangle. This theorem is easily proven using the law of cosines.
S (1)An irrational number that can be expressed as a radical.

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