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P (2)Integer that remains unchanged when its digits are written in reverse order.
P (2)A method for finding the volume of a solid of revolution. The volume equals the product of the area of the region being rotated times the distance traveled by the centroid of the region in one rotation.
P (1)For a given point, called the focus, and a given line not through the focus, called the directrix, it is the locus of points such that the distance to the focus equals the distance to the directrix.
P (2)The assumption that, given a point P and a line m not through P, there is exactly one line passing through P that is parallel to m.
P (1)A polyhedron with six faces, all of which are parallelograms.
P (2)A system of equations with more than one dependent variable; are often used to represent the position of a moving point.
P (2)A derivative of a function that has more than one independent variable
P (3)A differential equation that contains at least one partial derivative.
P (2)The process of writing any proper rational expression as a sum of proper rational expressions.
P (4)A finite sequence of the form a = x0 < x1 < x2 < ... < xn = b.
P (5)Rewriting a positive integer as the sum of smaller positive integers; the sum of any two adjacent elements in a row can be found between them on the next row; each row begins and ends with 1.
P (2)A number n for which the sum of all the positive integer factors of n which are less than n add up to n.
P (2)A function f for which there exists a number p such that f(x + p) = f(x) for all x.
P ('1')The Greek letter representing the Golden Ratio.
P ('1')The ratio of the Circumference to the diameter of a circle.
1st letter/# wordsTermHint
P (2)Another name for the Sandwich Theorem or the Squeeze Theorem.
P (2)The solids which have faces that are all congruent regular polygons and which has dihedral angles that are all congruent.
P (2)The positive x-axis.
P (1)A statement accepted as true without proof.
P (1)The level of detail in a number or estimate.
P (2)A formula for the derivative of the product of two functions.
P (2)A stretched sphere shaped like a watermelon; formally, a surface of revolution obtained by revolving an ellipse about its major axis.
P (2)A subset which is not the same as the original set itself.
P (1)Suppose that a ∝ b. This means that a/b is constant, or that a = kb where k is a constant.
P ('2')A shorthand name for a series with the variable taken to a negative exponent.
P (2)A set of three positive integers which satisfies the Pythagorean theorem a2 + b2 = c2.
Q (3)That which was to be proven.
Q (2)A polynomial of degree 4.
Q (2)A polynomial of degree 5.
Q (1)The 20th and 80th percentiles of a set of data.

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