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A (1)The first coordinate in an ordered pair.
A (1)The rate of change of velocity over time.
A (2)Angle, measure is between 0 & 90 degrees.
A (2)P(A or B) = P(A) + P(B) – P(A and B)
A (1)Line segment whose length is the height of a polygon or a polyhedron.
A (1)Magnitude of an oscillation
A (1)A function that has a given function as its derivative.
A (1)Distance from the center to a side's midpoint on a regular polygon.
A (1)2 distinct points of a circle and all points on the circle between them.
A (4)(A + B) + C = A + (B + C)
A (4)(AB)C = A(BC)
A (1)A straight line, to which the graph of a line will approach, but never reach
B (2)Chart used for qualitative data, represents data by a series of rectangles.
B (1)A conditional & its converse, written as one.
B (1)A polynomial with 2 terms.
B (4)A visual representation of the 5-number summary.
B (1){ }
B (1)[ ]
C (3)System to graph points in 2-dimensional space.
C (2)Angle having its vertex at a circle's center.
C (1)Triangle, point at which the 3 medians intersect.
C (1)A line that links two points on a circle or curve.
1st Letter/# WordsTermHint
C (1)Point of intersection of the perpendicular bisectors of the sides.
C (2)Multiple of the denominators of 2 or more fractions.
C (2)Logarithm base 10 of a number.
C (4)A + B = B + A
C (4)AB = BA
C (2)Two angles, sum of measures = 90 degrees.
C (2)Natural Number with more than 2 factors.
C (1)2 or more circles that lie in the same plane, have the same center, but different radii.
C (1)2 or more lines intersecting at exactly one point.
C (1)A three dimensional figure with a single base tapering to an apex.
C (1)Figures that are the same shape and size.
C (1)Circle, Ellipse, Parabola, or Hyperbola
C (1)Negating the second term of a binomial.
C (1)Components of an ordered pair, giving the location of a point in the Cartesian plane.
C (1)Statement that can be proved easily, by applying a previously proven theorem.
C (2)Statistics, measure of strength & direction of the relationship between two variables.
C (1)Right triangle, adjacent leg / hypotenuse.
C (1)A fact that is inconsistent with a hypothesis, disproving the hypothesis.
C (2)Method of solving systems of equations using determinants.
C (1)3-D figure with 6 square faces.
C (1)3-D figure with parallel congruent bases.

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