10 Biggest presidential blunders

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Can you name the 10 biggest presidential blunders according to a 2006 survey of US historians ?

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NumberPresident and eventHint
10: EventHe had a dalliance with this woman, which famously included a cigar and a stained dress.
10: President
9: EventThis scandal, involving arms and hostages, broke out under his watch.
9: President
8: EventHe allowed this invasion, and then withdrew tactical support, paving the way for an even greater crisis.
8: President
7: EventThe passage of this act which was a self-imposed prohibition on trade with Europe during the Napoleonic Wars.
7: President
6: EventHe failed to keep us out of this war, which was a sort of second Revolution against our Mother Country.
6: President
NumberPresident and eventHint
5: EventOperatives for his campaign broke into the opposition party headquarters in this hotel. He personally engaged in a coverup.
5: President
4: EventHe refused to compromise on this treaty, even though he would have won much of what he wanted.
4: President
3: EventHe allowed this war to intensify, leading the country to great divisions.
3: President
2: EventHis decision to side with southern whites, and his failure to do more for these people.
2: President
1: EventHis failure to stop this war, some even accuse him of treasonous support for the other side.
1: President

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