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1955/William Bryant
1957/Peter Graves
1957/Lon Chaney Jr & Gloria Talbot
1957/Glenn Langan
1958/John Agar & John Hoyt
1958/Sally Fraser
1958/Gene Roth
1960/Charles Herbert
1960/Richard Carlson & Gene Roth
1961/Vincent Price
1962/Basil Rathbone & Merritt Stone
1965/Ron Howard & Tommy Kirk
1966/Don Ameche & Zsa Zsa Gabor
1970/Zack Taylor
1972/Orson Welles
1973/Chuck Connors
1976/Ida Lupino
1977/Joan Collins
1981/Susan Swift
1982/Greg Bradford
1985/Lance Sloan & Monique Gabrielle
1990/Robert Forster

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