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Gotta get my boxer shorts at K-Mart.1988
How much courage does it take to walk out on your kid?1979
Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me.1967
At first sight of an Indian camp, what you think is, 'I see their dump. Where's their camp?' 1970
I don't believe in hell. I believe in UNEMPLOYMENT, but not hell.1982
I don't know what you mean. I can't tell you something's safe or not, unless I know specifically what you're talking about.1976
I have no intention, uh, of even attempting to escape - ever! 1973
This is nothing! Piece of cake! Producing is being a samurai warrior. They pay you day in, day out for years so that one day when called upon, you can respond, your training. 1997
Now listen closely, panda. Oogway may have picked you, but when I'm through, I promise you, you're going to wish he hadn't! Are we clear? 2008
The role of a comedian is to make the audience laugh, at a minimum of once every fifteen seconds. 1974
So if the break-in was just one incident in a campaign of sabotage that began a whole year before Watergate.1976
I'm walking here! I'm walking here! 1969
What would the world be like without Captain Hook? 1991
Do you want me to be macho wacho on him?2004

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