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Division of Land West of Jordan, Hebron Given to Caleb
Cities of Refuge
Eastern Tribes Return Home, Build Controversial Altar
Land Still to be Taken, Division of Land East of Jordan
Priests Come Up, 12 Stones Set Up
Rest of Allotments, Joshua Included
Northern Kings Conquered
The Fall of Jericho, Rahab Saved
The LORD Commands Joshua to Cross
Covenant Renewed at Shechem, Death of Joshua, Eleazar
Manasseh's Allotment, Zelophahad's Daughters, Complaints
Circumcision and Passover at Gilgal, Joshua meets Commander
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Joshua's Farewell to the Leaders
List of Defeated Kings
Allotment for Judah, Acsah Asks for Water
Rahab and the Spies
Achan's Sin, First Attack on Ai
Towns for the Levites
Ai Destroyed, Renewal and Reading of Law at Mt. Ebal
Allotment for Ephraim
The Israelites Cross the Jordan
Sun Stands Still, Amorite Kings Killed, Southern Cities Conquered
Rest of Land Divided, Allotment for Benjamin
The Gibeonite Deception

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