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Forced Order
TopicsChapter #
The LORD Outlines Offerings for Tabernacle, Ark, Table, Lampstand
At Mount Sinai, Preparataion for 10 Commandments
The LORD Outlines Altar of Incense, Atonement Money, Basin for Washing, Anointing Oil, Incense
The First Set Up of the Tabernacle, The Glory of the LORD Fills the Tabernacle
Plague of Livestock, Plague of Boils, Plague of Hail
New Stone Tablets, Renewal, Radiant Face of Moses
Birth of Moses, Moses Flees to Midian
Craftsmen Begin Their Work, Construction of the Tabernacle
Passover, Death of Firstborn in Egypt, Exodus, Passover Restrictions
Song of Moses and Miriam, Waters of Marah and Elim
Plague of Locusts, Plague of Darkness
Protection of Property, Social Responsibility
God Promises Deliverance, Family Record of Moses and Aaron
Aaron to Speak Instead, Staff Becomes a Snake, Plague of Blood
Moses explains Sabbath Regulations, Materials for the Tabernacle
Laws of Justice and Mercy, Sabbath Laws, Three Annual Festivals, God's Angel to Prepare the Way
Consecration of the Firstborn, Heading to the Sea
Construction of Altar of Burnt Offering, Basin for Washing, Courtyard, and Materials Used
Making of Priestly Garments, Ephod, Breastpiece, Other Garments, Moses' Inspection
The LORD Outlines Bezalel and Oholiab, Sabbath
TopicsChapter #
The Crossing of the Red Sea
Jethro Visits Moses
10 Commandments, Idols and Altars
Manna and Quail
Plague of the Firstborn Threatened
Hebrew Servants, Personal Injuries
Golden Calf
Construction of Ark, Table, Lampstand, Altar of Incense
Signs for Moses, Moses Returns to Egypt
The Israelites Oppressed
The LORD Outlines Priestly Garments, Ephod, Breastpiece, Other Garments
The Tent of Meeting, Moses and the Glory of the LORD
Moses and the Burning Bush
The LORD Outlines The Tabernacle (Structure)
Plague of Frogs, Plague of Gnats, Plague of Flies
The LORD Outlines Consecration of the Priests
The LORD Outlines Altar of Burnt Offering, Courtyard, Oil for the Lampstand
Water from the Rock, Amalekites Defeated
Covenant Confirmed, Moses Goes Up the Mountain
Bricks Without Straw, Oppression Increased, Moses Complains

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