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TopicsChapter #
Rules for Going to War
Love the LORD Your God, Don't Turn Away
Atonement for an Unsolved Murder, Marrying a Captive Woman, Right of the Firstborn, Rebellious Son
Death of Moses, Joshua Takes Leadership
More Cities of Refuge with Large Land, More Than One Witness
The Last of the Miscaellaneous Laws
Moses Describes Wanderings in the Desert, Defeat of Sihon King of Heshbon
Year for Canceling Debts, Freeing Servants, Firstborn Animals
Exclusion From the Assembly, Uncleanness in Camp, Some Miscellaneous Laws
Miscellaneous Laws Continued
Do Not Forget the LORD
Have Only One Place of Worship in the Promised Land
Moses Blesses the Tribes
Not Because of Israel's Righteousness, Remember the Golden Calf
Moses Explains Passover, Feast of Weeks, Feast of Tabernacles, Appointing Judges
Moses Describes The Ten Commandments
Punishment for Evildoers, Law Courts, a King the LORD Chooses
TopicsChapter #
The Command to Leave Horeb, Appointment of Leaders, Spies Sent Out, Rebellion Against the LORD
Driving Out the Nations
Obedience Commanded , Idolatry Forbidden, The Special Revelation that the LORD is God, Cities of Refuge, Intro to the Law
Offerings for Priests and Levites, Detestable Practices, the Prophet God Raises Up
Firstfruits and Tithes, Follow These Commands
Prosperity After Returning to the LORD, Offer of Life or Death
Various Laws, Marriage Violations
Moses Tells Israel Joshua Will Succeed Him, Commands Reading of the Law, Israel's Rebellion Predicted
Blessings for Obedience, Curses for Disobedience, and Many Ugly Punishments
Moses Describes Defeat of Og King of Bashan, the Division of the Land, and Being Forbidden to Cross the Jordan
The Altar on Mount Ebal, Curses from Mount Ebal,
Song of Moses, Moses to Die on Mount Nebo
Recalling the Rewriting of the Tablets, Making of Ark, Now Fear the LORD
Love and Obey the LORD, He Did So Much To Save, If You Obey Blessing, If You Disobey Curse
Terms for Renewal of the Covenant
Clean and Unclean Food, Tithes,
Don't Listen to Anyone Who Wants You to Worship Other Gods

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