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Forced Order
TopicsChapter #
God's Covenant with David, David's Prayer
Absalom Called to Return to Jerusalem
Uzzah and the Ark Coming to Jerusalem, Michal Upset
Mephibosheth Spared
David King of Israel in Jerusalem, Defeats Philistines
Absalom's Death, David Mourns
Abner Joins David, Killed by Joab, Mourned
Gibeonites Avenge Saul, Battles Against Philistines
David's Song of Praise
Amnon and Tamar
Absalom's Conspiracy, David Flees
David Counts the Fighting Men, Araunah's Threshing Floor
TopicsChapter #
Hushai vs. Ahithophel, David Informed
Ziba Provides, Shimei Curses, Ahithophel's Advice
David Hears of Saul's Death, Mourns
Joab Angry, David Returns
David King of Judah, Ishobosheth over Israel, Battle at Gibeon
Nathan Rebukes David, Joab and David take Rabbah
David and Bathsheba
List of David's Victories and Officials
David's Last Words, Mighty Men,
David Defeats Ammonites and Arameans
Sheba Rebels, Killed at Abel Beth Maacah
Ishbosheth Murdered

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