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Can you name the really easy trivia from all three books (and the movie)?

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What colour is Octavia's skin in the second and third books?
What colour is Octavia's skin in the first book?
What does the Mayor have a fondness for?
What was the full name of Mrs Everdeens friend?
Which former victor hugs Katniss before the Quell?
Who trained Johanna and Katniss in District 13?
What colour is Finnick Odair's hair?
Which artist recorded two songs for the hunger games
What song does Katniss say she knows in music assembly?
What does Cray always buy?
How many children does Cecelia have?
What happened in the first Quarter Quell?
Can you answer these?Good Luck!
How many times do Katniss and Peeta kiss in the first book?
Where would Panem be in modern day?
What is Peeta's favourite colour? (say specific details)
Which peacekeeper stops Thread whipping Gale?
What was the first item Katniss picks up at the Cornucopia?
What alcohol does Katniss buy for Haymitch in Catching Fire?
what is Katniss's 'talent'?
What is the name of the type of berry that killed Foxface?
Who sells the alcohol in District 12?
What song from 'Songs from District 12 and beyond' played at the start of the movie credits?
What did Katniss buy at the same time as Lady?
What was the name of the boy Katniss talked to in the hospital in District 8?
Can you answer these?Good Luck!
What colour is Katniss Everdeens Hair?
What is Flavius's signature lipstick colour?
Who's aunt originally owned the mockingjay pin?
When is Katniss Everdeen's Birthday?
Which child was harder for Katniss to carry?
When does Catching Fire come out in cinemas? (put your answer in or mm.dd.yyyy)
What is Venia's hair colour in the second book?
What colours were Effie's wigs in order (in the first two books)
Which dress did Johanna want to rip right off Katniss's back?
What is Johanna Mason's hairstyle?

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