Similarities between Lincoln and Kennedy

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Can you name the Similarities between Lincoln and Kennedy?

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answer these questions
Letters in their names
both were captains of a/an?
were killed by?
shot in which part of the body?
what day of the week were they both assassinated?
were both sitting next to which family member when they died?
how many names were in both the assassins names?
they were elected how many years apart?
both were involved in what 'rights' act
answer these questions
both successors had what last name?
they both had how many children die when the were in the White House?
both presidents were elected to the United States House of Representatives in
both presidents constantly quoted...
what child number were they both in their families?
both had genetic...
both presidents were with another _______ when they were shot
both of their wives spoke what language fluently?
both were named after what family member?
both of their pictures are featured on American...

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