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Stock ClueSubjectHint
Dansker and SqueakBy Melville
Erwartung (Expectation) + Gurre-Lieder12 Tone
Savitri (opera) + The Mystic Trumpeter The Planets
The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters+Duchess of AlbaCharge of the Mamelukes
Theses on FeuerbachDerp Kapital
Symphony contains 'Frere Jacques' in a minor keyTitan Symphony
Chop Suey+AutomatThe Nighthawks
New Essays on Human Understanding + ThéodicéeCalculus
Mr. Cripplegate By Goldsmith
Salisbury Cathedral + Dedham ValeThe Hay Wain
Lowood School+Helen Burns+Red RoomBy Charlotte Brontë
Windows keep falling of the Hancock TowerRock&Roll Hall of Fame
Centers of Triangles+Totient functionBridges of Königsberg
Ronny Heaslop is married to Adela QuestedBy E. M. Forster
Criticized AverroesSuma Theologica
Zone Systemf/64
Discourse on Inequality+ Discourse on Arts and Sciences Noble Savage
Death on Ridge RoadAmerican Gothic
Weird stuff involving helicoptersBy Aldous Huxley
Gun goes off at funeral+ Tortoise mythEAT THE FOO-FOO
Rage Over a Lost PennyMoonlight Sonata
The Chicken TaxThe Great Soceity
Pickle DishBy Edith Wharton
Ghrelin + SomatostatinIslets of Langerhans
Stock ClueSubjectHint
Rosamand VincyBy George Eliot
Raymond Sintes the PimpBy Camus
Memoirs of Cavalier+A Journal of the Plague Year Moll Flanders
Moira + Professor PieixotoBy Margaret Atwood
Heloise Dubuc+HomaisBy Gustave Flaubert
'Spheres' of rightness/ethicsThe Phenomenology of Spirit.
Herbert PocketBy Charles Dickens
War Of Jenkin's EarTreaty with a very French sounding name
The Four MillionThe Gift of the Magi
Doctor StockmannGhosts
Deutschland Uber Alles in The Emperor+Morning, Noon, and EveningSURPRISE!
Hafen Slawkenbergius + Widow Wadman!By Laurence Sterne
The Secret Agent+The Secret Sharer+CostaguanaThe horror! The horror!
Propriety of Action+The Theory of Moral SentimentsPin Factory
Young Man Luther + Gandhi's TruthIdentity Crisis
Mr. Charrington's Antique StoreBy George Orwell
Greece Expiring on the Ruins of the Messolonghi+ The Women of Algiers in Their Apartment The Death of Sardanapalus
The Doom BookFought the Vikings
Canadian Caper + Operation Eagle ClawJimmy Carter smh
Free Stamp+Cuyahoga RiverUnder construction since 1868
Block the TradesmanBy Kafka
George OsborneBy Thackeray
The Anvil ChorusLa Traviata
Perpetual Peace+ Teleological Principles in PhilosophyGroundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals
Stock ClueSubjectHint
The Free Judges (opera) + Grand Funeral and Triumphal SymphonySymphonie Fantastique
Mr. Antolini+Edmont HotelBy J.D. Salinger
Pietro CrespiBy Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Girl with a Hoop + The Theater BoxA Girl with a Watering Can
The Maid of Orleans and Mary Stuart William Tell
Stamford Bridge1066
Lakeshore Drive ApartmentsSeagram Building
Ives-Stilwell Redshift and Time Dilation
The Affected Ladies+The Flying DoctorThe School For Wives
Freddy HillBy Shaw
Conspiracy of Julius Civilis+The Jewish BrideA picture of Frans Banning Cocq
Captured and fought a war against piratesI don't know anything else about ancient history, sorry
Monument to Balzac+The Falling Man+The Three ShadesThe Gates of Hell
Fugue on Handel+Beethoven's Tenth Academic Festival Overture
Wick CutterBy Cather
A matrix of tensors Simple harmonic oscillators
Zombie Ballet Grohg If you don't know this you are a failure at life
Piano Concerto in A minorIn the Hall of the Mountain King
Alyosha the Pot + The CossacksThe Death of Ivan Ilyich
Victims of Duty+The KillerThe Bald Soprano
Hashimoto's DiseaseGrave's Disease
Moses and Monotheism+Totem and TabooA dream within a dream?

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