Presidents according to the Simpsons

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Can you name the Presidents as referenced in the Simpsons?

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His wife was the voice of Scratchy during World War II
Invites Marge to the tool shed behind the Whitehouse.
Gave Bart a spanking
Was carved up by George Washington Carver
Homer refers to him as “general cuckoo bananas”
He's history’s greatest monster!
According to Congressional graffiti, this president is a wiener
Has a memorial through-hole named after him
Authorized the printing of a trillion dollar bill
Called Springfield 'a pea-sized town with lima-bean-sized dreams'
According to Homer, one of Santa’s reindeer
Spanked Grampa on two non-consecutive occasions
Has the same golf handicap as Lincoln
Has a sherbet named after him
A squirrel resembling this president is found and later shot
His relationship with Canadian Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent was frosty at best
Survived an assassination attempt by Grampa
Lisa calls her infatuation with this president “Arthritis”
Invites Homer over for nachos and beer
Has an affair with Mr. Burn’s mother

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