Fictional Substances in Movies

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Can you name the movie each fictional substance is in?

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AdamantiumIndestructible metal alloy
CarboniteA preservative
ClarityIllegal drug - good for forgetting a kidnapped son
EnergonPowers the AllSpark, or some such nonsense - it was all very confusing
EphemerolGood for morning sickness and exploding heads
IocaneDeadly poison, though immunity can be built up
Liquid SchwartzFuel for a Space Winnebago
Midi-ChlorianAn absolute abomination
MithrrilMakes great armor
NukeIllegal drug plaguing the streets of Detroit
ProvasicA not-so-miracle drug produced by Devlin-MacGregor Pharmaceuticals
QuantoniumCauses Reese Witherspoon to grow into a giant monster
StarkiumPowers an ark reactor
Transparent AluminumGreat for transporting whales
TurbidiumExtracts oxygen from Mars ice
UnobtaniumIt's 20 million a kilo

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