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DescriptionType of government
Absence of government or rule
Control of state rests with a small number of people
The public elects individuals to represent them
System of administration whose purpose is to increase efficiency by creating separate agencies
System of administration where those in power are given their roles based on intellegence and experience
Technically means a state run by only the best; has decidedly negative connotation
State that rules by sea; an empire on the ocean
Type of authorotarian government in which one person has absolute power
DescriptionType of government
State where a ruler is given power by perceived divine sanction or inhereted nobility
Power is held solely by the wealthy
State run by divine guidance or by clergy who claim to know it
Society where decisions are made by randomly selected members of the public
2006 sci-fi comedy directed by Mike Judge starring Luke Wilson
Mob rule; tyranny of the majority
Society where females have roles of leadership and power

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