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First Movie HintMovie Before and AfterSecond Movie Hint
Mob boss makes an unrefuseable offer.Bride-to-be drives dad crazy.
Shane West finds love with pastor's daughter Mandy Moore.Interracial football team wins it all.
Sandra Bullock saves a man from a train accident.Princess can't wake up.
Navy ensign falls in love with a local girl.Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell find love on the open sea.
Four Manhattan women move to the big screen.Big shot businessmen try their hand at being cowboys.
Two outlaws in the wild west escape the law time and again.A little league player is called to back in time to save Camelot.
Young white lawyer defends a black man in the south.Older white lawyer defends a black man in the south.
Animated princess loses shoe.Anne Hathaway plays a young woman in a fairy tale.
Star Wars VA trip to the past causes Michael J. Fox to jeopardize his own existence.
Kevin Spacey pines for his daughter's friend.Young woman falls in love with a monster in his enchanted house.
Former neo-Nazi tries to save his brother.Mutants against mutants to decide the fate of humanity.
Drug abuse ruins the lives of four Brooklyners.Trio of soul singers work their way to the top of the charts in the 1960s.
Renee Zellweger in a modern Pride and Prejudice/Tyler Perry movie about a woman kicked out of her perfect life by her husband.
Mass allied breakout from a German POW camp.Alien twins run away from a millionaire who wants to exploit them.
First Movie HintMovie Before and AfterSecond Movie Hint
Runaway heiress and newsreporter travel together and fall in love.Two club-loving brothers have an idea for the hottest scene in town.
Four boys try to find the body of a missing kid.Jim Carrey is a split-personality cop.
Mad scientist invents machine that turns rain into food.Ping pong has been must rejoin the circuit for the FBI.
George Clooney et al stage heists in Europe.One man stands up to the other jury members on a miserable, hot day in court.
Hitchcock thriller about a man attempting to murder his wife.Sandra Bullock investigtes high schoolers in the 'perfect murder'.
A man tries to learn more about his father through stories from his childhood.Diamond thieves double-cross each other in attempt to keep the jewels for themselves.
Will Smith survives huge NYC plague.Will Smith is a mysterious golf caddy helping a pro get his game back.
Yeah, Ron Livingston does not want to come into work on Saturday.Michael Jordan is kidnapped to help cartoons in a basketball game.
Hugh Grant proposes, unaware that his fiancee's father is a mobster.Tom Cruise's family is threatened after he encounters a secret sexual group.
Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union compete at the cheerleading championships.Ex-fighter stands up to mob bosses on the docks.
Two dudes travel through time to pass their history class.Elisabeth Shue takes her young charges on an exciting expedition around Chicago.
Two prehistoric nomads meet biblical figures.To avoid prison, Jack Nicholson fakes insanity.
Unemployed blue-collar workers form a striptease act.King Arthur and company embark on a quest with a low budget and ridiculous situations.
Ben Stiller gets another chance with his high school crush.A peculiar new nanny straightens out unhappy, spoiled children.

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