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A limit on the amount of a product that may be imported during a given period of time
A type of trade barrier in which a government places restrictions on the import or export of certain goods. Often backed by military force
The rare mixture of the qualities needed to create and run new businesses
Social roles and culture determine how goods and services are produced, what prices and individual incomes are, and which consumers are allowed to buy certain goods
An economy that allows business owners to complete in the market with little government interference
An economic system with a combination of tradition, command, and market economies
The government decides how many of which goods are produced and sets the prices
Treaty between the US, Canada, and Mexico that reduced trade barriers between the three countries
The total value of the goods and services that a country produces each year
A fee imposed by a government on imported or exported goods
Resources such a factories, machinery, and tools that people use to make other goods
The knowledge and skills that allowed workers to produce goods and services and earn an income

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