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Which Roman general died at the Battle of Cannae in 216 B.C.?
Which son of Faunus in the Aeneid was the father of Lavinia?
Who was the father of Cadmus and Europa?
Who won the Battle of Cape Ecnomus?
Who wrote the play Heauton Timoromenos?
What kind of independent subjunctive is used in the following sentence: Quid agam?
Who was Scylla's father?
Which Roman author did Horace refer to as 'mea lucerna'?
Livius Andronicus' Odusia was written in which meter?
What is the meaning of the Latin word glis?
Give a Latin word that means 'ship'
Which Roman deity had the epithet 'Moneta', meaning 'the warner'?
From which Latin verb do we derive the English word 'obey'?
Which of these words differs because of gender: athleta, nauta, agricola, poena?
Which emperor, the founder of the Severan dynasty, died at Eburacum?
In the Aeneid, who says these lines,'Tu Marcellus eris'?
What was the name of Cicero's earliest extant oration?
In Roman mythology, who were the Parcae?
From which Latin noun do we derive the English word 'obliterate'?
After his apotheosis, by what name did the Romans call Romulus?

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