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Can you name the equivalently sized US State(s)*?

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Name a US State* that isAll States
between Greece and Tunisia (8)
around the size of Italy (2)
between Iceland and Guatemala (4)
just about the same size as Portugal (1)
between Belize and Macedonia (3)
around the size of Honduras or Nicaragua (5)
the same size as Liechtenstein (1)
about the size of Slovenia (2)
a bit smaller than Montenegro but bigger than the Island nation of Vanuatu (1)
between United Kingdom and Ecuador (3)
a bit bigger than Afghanistan or Burma (1)
about the size of Uganda (2)
Name a US State* that isAll States
between Czech Republic and Austria (2)
a bit smaller than Swaziland or Kuwait (1)
slightly larger than Luxembourg (1)
between Japan and Zimbabwe (1)
around the size of Uruguay or Cambodia (4)
just a bit smaller than Trinidad and Tobago (1)
slightly smaller than Cyprus (1)
a bit bigger than Belarus but smaller than Romania (4)
between Paraguay and Sweden (1)
about the same size as Latvia (1)
between Vietnam and Cote D'Ivoire (1)
a bit smaller than Iran (1)

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