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Flag Colour
Flag Colour
Prime Minister
Head of State
Governor General
Demonym (Nationality)
Largest City
Official Language
Official Language
National Anthem
Fill in the Lyric 'O Canada!, _______'
Royal Anthem
Legislature: Upper House
Legislature: Lower House
Canada Day
Bordering Country
Highest Court
Largest Province
Small Province
Largest Territory
Smallest Territory
National Tree
National Sport
National Sport
Highest Point (5,959 m)
Lowest Point (0 m)
Longest River (4,241 km)
Largest Lake
Tallest Structure
Age of Suffrage
Internet TLD (.com, .org, etc.)
Largest Religion (77.1%)
Crown Corporation: National Broadcaster
Crown Corporation: Mail Service
Crown Corporation: Train Service
First Prime Minister
Most Populous Province

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