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SummaryEpisode NameSeason
Three sisters become witchesSeason 1
A demon sucks the life out of womenSeason 1
Shapeshifter demons steals Book of ShadowsSeason 1
Piper falls in love with a ghostSeason 1
A demon kills through dreamsSeason 1
A female demon tries to marry a mortalSeason 1
A sorceress tries to steal the Charmed powersSeason 1
Prue casts a truth spellSeason 1
The Charmed Ones get a visit from Melinda WarrenSeason 1
Prue's demon boss frames herSeason 1
Phoebe's old boyfriend comes backSeason 1
Piper turns into a vicious beastSeason 1
The demon of fear makes his first apperanceSeason 1
Leo's a Whitelighter?Season 1
Phoebe's woogeyman comes to lifeSeason 1
Prue casts a strengh spellSeason 1
The sisters time travelSeason 1
Prue saves a good demonSeason 1
A reporter catches Prue using her powersSeason 1
Piper breaks the Power of ThreeSeason 1
Piper admits that she loves LeoSeason 1
The demon Tempus turns back timeSeason 1
A demon reverses a year of vanquishesSeason 2
Phoebe gets a premonition from the futureSeason 2
A warlock traps the sisters in a paintingSeason 2
A demon eats young womenSeason 2
Prue turns into a man to vanquish a succubusSeason 2
A heart stealing evil witch tries to kill the sistersSeason 2
Brain zapping demons try to kill the Charmed OnesSeason 2
The sisters fight the demon that killed their motherSeason 2
Barbas put a hit out on The Charmed OnesSeason 2
A demon steals a cupid's ringSeason 2
A vengeful ghost tries to kill a babySeason 2
Piper contracts an infectious diseaseSeason 2
Three girls turn animals to menSeason 2
Phoebe's past life is evilSeason 2
Piper tries to choose between Dan and LeoSeason 2
A girl is cursed by a darklighterSeason 2
Three women trade the sisters powers to a demonSeason 2
A demon of illusion invades Phoebe's favorite movieSeason 2
A demon kills a girl who discovers demonsSeason 2
A doctor injects the Charmed Ones blood into monkeysSeason 2
The Four Horseman of the ApocalypseSeason 2
A genie tricks the Charmed OnesSeason 2
Phoebe gains the power of levitationSeason 3
A man is turned into an owl, his girlfriend a wolfSeason 3
The sisters save a fairy from troolsSeason 3
The sisters learn about their orginsSeason 3
Prue becomes obssessed with the Triad Season 3
A demon cursed with empathySeason 3
A demon of rage splits up the Power of ThreeSeason 3
Phoebe fakes Belthazor's vanquishSeason 3
An alchemist's creation possesses PiperSeason 3
Three demon children are trapped in an ice cream truckSeason 3
Leo's whitelighter friend takes over his jobSeason 3
Prue saves her ex-boyfriend from becoming a demonSeason 3
A dark priestess tries to steal the Book of ShadowsSeason 3
Prue and Cole team up to save PhoebeSeason 3
SummaryEpisode NameSeason
Piper and Leo's wedding daySeason 3
Prue tries to fight DeathSeason 3
Piper wants to move outSeason 3
A demon wields the Seven Deadly SinsSeason 3
The Brotherhood of the ThornSeason 3
Cole kills Raynor, his mentorSeason 3
Prue is turned into a dog to track a bansheeSeason 3
Prue is killed by Shax, The Source's assassinSeason 3
Piper and Phoebe find out they have a half sisterSeason 4
Piper turns into a furySeason 4
Paige and Phoebe switch bodiesSeason 4
The Collector tries to collect the Charmed OnesSeason 4
Paige's self-made fairy tale comes to lifeSeason 4
The Source tries to get Piper to erase the Charmed Ones powersSeason 4
Young Witches are killed by a look alike BelthazorSeason 4
A warlock tries to enslave musesSeason 4
Paige travels to the past to understand her parent's death Season 4
Phoebe is called to jury dutySeason 4
The Charmed Ones help a firestarterSeason 4
The Charmed Ones kill the SourceSeason 4
Phoebe wonders if she should marry ColeSeason 4
Phoebe marries Cole in a dark ceremonySeason 4
Paige becomes obessed by her belief that Cole is still evilSeason 4
Ghosts from Leo's past seek revengeSeason 4
Paige is turned into a vampireSeason 4
The sisters plot to steal the evil book of shadowsSeason 4
Phoebe is the Queen of the UnderworldSeason 4
The Seer plots to steal Phoebe's babySeason 4
The Angel of Destiny offers to take away the Charmed Ones powersSeason 4
Phoebe turns into a mermaidSeason 5
Fairy tales come to lifeSeason 5
Piper's powers messed up because of her pregnancySeason 5
The Charmed Ones are turned into superherosSeason 5
The Charmed Ones stop a demon with gypsy magicSeason 5
Paige gives Barbas Cole's powersSeason 5
Phoebe opens a tunnel in timeSeason 5
Paige's first charge as a whitelighter is her father SamSeason 5
Cole uses Egyptian magic to win Phoebe backSeason 5
Cole tries to turn Phoebe evil using the NexusSeason 5
Cole becomes an Avatar to kill Paige so that he and Phoebe will be togetherSeason 5
A witch doctor tries to rid the Manor of evil residueSeason 5
The Charmed Ones dreams come aliveSeason 5
A twice blessed child is bornSeason 5
Piper's baby is almost kidnapped by demonsSeason 5
The Charmed Ones help leprechansSeason 5
Piper casts a spell that takes Paige and Phoebe back in timeSeason 5
Paige is turned into a nymphSeason 5
The Crone takes away a sense from each sisterSeason 5
Wyatt's wiccaningSeason 5
The Charmed Ones are turned into goddessesSeason 5
Leo is made an elder and Piper is in painSeason 6
Wyatt concurs a dragonSeason 6
The Spellman sister steal the Charmed Ones powersSeason 6
Paige gets in the middle of two feuding magical familiesSeason 6
Each sister has their own alternate realitySeason 6
Paige sells her soul to save an innocentSeason 6
The Charmed Ones protect ExcaliburSeason 6
The Charmed Ones are stuck with their half-Manticore babySeason 6
SummaryEpisode NameSeason
A look into the future Chris came to changeSeason 6
Charmed in the 60sSeason 6
Paige and Phoebe concur up Mr. Right for PiperSeason 6
Phoebe is possesed by a Dutch double agent stripperSeason 6
The Charmed Ones discover Magic SchoolSeason 6
Phoebe frees a genie and is turned into oneSeason 6
Piper and Leo are sent to limboSeason 6
Phoebe's wild teenage personality takes over her bodySeason 6
Piper is kidnapped by the Spider DemonSeason 6
Phoebe's powers are taken away because of misuseSeason 6
Paige re-conjures 'Mr. Right' for stress reliefSeason 6
A magical reality show starring the Charmed OnesSeason 6
Christopher Halliwell is bornSeason 6
Piper and Leo are possessed by Hindu spiritsSeason 7
A student at Magic School concurs Lady GodivaSeason 7
A sibling rivalry gone wrongSeason 7
The Charmed Ones vs. Pirates!Season 7
Piper works for the Angel of DeathSeason 7
The sisters turn into werewolvesSeason 7
A demon is killing innocents' guardian angelsSeason 7
Paige and Kyle are transported into a storySeason 7
Leo tells Piper he is an AvatarSeason 7
The Charmed Ones protect Kira, the SeerSeason 7
The sisters' powers are transfered to ordinary peopleSeason 7
The Avatars change the world to UtopiaSeason 7
Leo joins forces with Zankou to stop the AvatarsSeason 7
Paige attempts to hire a new professor for Magic SchoolSeason 7
Phoebe and Drake try to save a cabaret that is frozen in timeSeason 7
Piper gets help from Cole to save herself and LeoSeason 7
Wyatt magically shrinks Piper and LeoSeason 7
The mythological Pandora's Box falls into the wrong handsSeason 7
A spell is cast on Phoebe by the 'ugliest' demon in the UnderworldSeason 7
The demon Vicus tries to win Wyatt's trust to turn him evilSeason 7
Past Innocents that the Charmed Ones couldn't save come back to haunt themSeason 7
The Charmed Ones destroy Zankou but 'kill' themselvesSeason 7
The Halliwells change their appearance to remain 'dead' Season 8
A demon uses Alice in Wonderland to prey on victimsSeason 8
The alter ego Piper chose is charge for murderSeason 8
A demon plots to use Wyatt to resurect The SourceSeason 8
The Charmed Ones enlist the help of Homeland Security to come back to lifeSeason 8
Billie freezes during a vanquishSeason 8
Paige's father, Sam, asks for her help Season 8
Billie discovers a belt that almost kills herSeason 8
A virus is infecting the magical communitySeason 8
Leo is taken away by the Angel of DestinySeason 8
Billie discovers her power of projectionSeason 8
Paige discovers she can heal the people she cares about mostSeason 8
Three demons take the The Charmed Ones placesSeason 8
Piper discovers a message from Lo-PanSeason 8
Billie finally finds her missing sisterSeason 8
Paige and Henry get marriedSeason 8
Demons Leo had imprisoned in the Magic School dungeons have escapedSeason 8
Christy attempts to seperate Billie from the Charmed OnesSeason 8
Billie uses the sisters' dreams to turn against themSeason 8
Christy convinces Billie that the Charmed Ones are too self obsessedSeason 8
The Jenkins and the Halliwells absorb the Hollow to do battleSeason 8
Piper and Leo use Coop's ring to go back in time and save her sistersSeason 8

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