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Perusine War (Octavian vs. Lucius Antonius and wife Fulvia)
Defeat and death of Crassus near Carrhae
Elagabalus declared emperor by some troops, Macrinus killed
End of the Jewish Revolt
Rome founded by Romulus
3rd Macedonian War
2nd Punic War
Reign of Titus
1st Punic War
Reign of Caligula
Death of Lucius Aelius Caesar
Death of Mark Antony and Cleopatra
Carthage founded by Phoenicians
Euboean trading post on Pithecusae
Tarentum falls to Rome
Death (suicide) of Gaius Semp. Gracchus
Peace of Apamea; Asia Minor divided between Rhodes and Pergamum - Rhodes gets huge
Two new provinces created beyond the Danube, Death of Marcus Aurelius, Commodus becomes emperor and celebrates a triumph
Death of Hadrian
Pertinax killed by mutinous soldiers, Didius Julianus & Septimus Severus & Pescennius Niger all hailed as emperor by troops/praetorians in different places
Death of Clodius in a brawl against partisans of Milo
Battle of Mutina
Death of Scipio Aemilius 'Africanus'
Founding of the Republic after Tarquin expelled
Death of Catilina
Battle of Magnesia, Romans defeat Antiochus III
Septimus Severus dies of gout at Eburacum
Romans get Sardinia
Social War / Italian War / War of the Allies
Caracalla murdered near Carrhae, Macrinus has himself declared emperor
Reign of Nero
The Pyrrhic Wars against Pyrrhus of Epirus
Death of Antonius Pius, Marcus Aurelius becomes emperor
Battle of Cynoscephalae, Q. Flaminius beats P5
Commodus is assassinated
Temple of Jerusalem destroyed; Titus captures the city; Vespasian becomes Pontifex Maximus an Pater Patriae
Reign of Augustus
3rd Punic War; Scipio Africanus Aemilius; creation of Roman province of Africa
The Illyrean Wars, part 2
The Twelve Tables - 1st codification of Roman law
Caesar given dictatorship for life (Feb. 14)
War of the Romans against Antiochus III
4th Macedonian War; Macedon becomes Roman province
Nerva proclaimed emperor
Battle of Allia river - Gauls destroy Rome
The army acclaimed Hadrian emperor
Romans get Corsica
2nd Consulship of Caesar
Pompey's war against the Pirates
Carthage asks for peace
Reign of Vespasian
The Ebro Treaty
Treaty of Brundisium
Reign of Galba
Elagabalus killed, Alexander declared emperor
Gallic Wars and conquest of N. Italy
Slave revolt in Ittaly and Sicily led by Spartacus
Battle of Pydna; Lucius Aemilius Paullus beats King Perseus
2 successive tribunates of Gaius Sempronius Gracchus
The Truceless War - Carthage vs. revolted mercenaries
Battle of Philippi in Macedonia (defeat and death of Cassius, then Brutus)
Civil war
The Jugurthian War
1st Macedonian War
The Illyrean Wars, part 1
Creation of Narbonese Gaul
Trajan dies of a stroke
2nd Macedonian War
Battle of Actium (defeat of Mark Antony and Cleopatra)
Consulship of Cicero; Conspiracy off Catilina
Introduction of new coinage - denarius
Gallic Wars (Caesar defeats Helvetians and German king Ariovistus)
Year of the Tribunate; Death of Tibberius Sempronius Gracchus
Revolt of Vindex
Reign of Tiberius
Alexander, wintering in Germany, is murdered together with his mother, Julia Mamaea, by the equestrian commander Maximinus
Deification of Caesar, dedication of a temple to him in the forum
Pompey elected sole consul for the year
Battle of Zama/Naggara - Scipio's troops defeat Hannibal's army
Battle of Cannae, 1 consul killed
3rd Mithridatic War
Banishment of Cicero
Reign of Domitian
Pompey's settlement of the east
Creation of Greek alphabet
Severe treaty for P5 - give up fleet, Greece, Asia Minor, huge war indemnity; Q. Flam. declares freedom of Greek states at the Isthmian Games
Caesar elected consul for 59; creation of 1st Triumverate
Renewal of Triumverate at Luca
Caesar assassinated
Caesarian victory at Thapsus, suicide of Cato
Dictatorship of Sulla
War against Cimbri and the Teutones
Meeting of Mark Antony, Lepidus, and Octavian, beginning of 2nd Triumverate
Greeks start colonizing Sicily and S. Italy
Death of Attalus III, King of Pergamum; bequeaths it to the Roman people
Year of the 4 Emperors
Defeat, capture, and destruction of Etruscan city Veii
Battle at Trebia River - Po valley falls to Hannibal
Rome can be considered a city/state
Reign of Claudius
Battle of Lake Trasimene, 1 consul killed

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