The Hunger Games 1-2-3

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Can you name the The Hunger Games 1-2-3?

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PKDistrict 12 tributes
FFDistrict 5 girl
TRDistrict 11 tributes
QuoteIt was all for the games...
Think hardWho wins the 75th Hunger Games
CCDistrict 2 tributes
GoldKatniss's stylist
He is the...Peeta
Its meansLosing means
Very start of the gamesWho steps off their pedestal to early and blows up?
HintsPut answer hereQuestion
Oh lalaDistrict 1 industry
Peeta, Katniss, and Prim were picked here.Names are picked at a public
CoalDistrict 12 industry
LoveWhat does Peeta say at his interview
Its meansWinning means
She is the...Katniss
NightlockWho wins the 74th Hunger Games
Glimmer's deathWhat animal stings cause hallucinations
MGDistrict 1 tributes
Manners!What does Peeta say Katniss isn't good at?

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