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Can you name the Answers to thes Doctor Who'y questions?

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Who is the 9th doctor's companion?flower
The alien in the episode 'World war three'
What episode includes a werewolf???ninja monks
Who is the doctor's arch enemy?EXTERMINATE!!!
Donna Noble's grandad's name is...OLD!!!
TARDIS stands travels through time and space
Besides The Doctor, the only other timelord is,his wife's name is Lucy
The actor for the 11th doctor is...The 10th doctor used his last name as part of his cover name when posing as a human.
Who is the character that became immortal?Face of Boe
What is the order of the following companions, first to last? ABC, ACB,BCA,BAC,CAB,or CBA?A: Martha Jones- B: Rose Tyler- C: Donna Noble
In what episode did Martha first meet Jack?Kind of a trick question

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