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QuoteWordsPerson whom said it
''If pushed, I’d say you’re just slightly less dangerous than _____ ____-_''Eric
''Money doesn’t make you rich. ____ ____.''Jack
''In the play of life all your great scenes ___ _____ __ ___.''Mr. Feeny
''I’m not fat. I’m ______ _____.''Eric
''What if he's just like Feeny, only... ________?''Cory
''He says one thing and does another. He’s a ____________.''Shawn
''Blood means your related, it doesn't mean you're ______.'Mr. Feeny
''If stupidity were in the Olympics, you'd win a _______ ______''Eric
''How about I hit you so hard you’re back in _______ ________?''Alan
''Shawn's poor. ______ ______ .''Eric
QuoteWordsPerson whom said it
''Life's tough, get _ ______''Eric
''Gotta love Halloween. It really brings _______ ________.''Shawn
''There's blood on the black board, Shawn. I don't think it's because he _____ ___ ___ _____!Topanga
''And when you love somebody enough it’s okay to be a _____ ________.''Shawn
''My dad's a grocer. I'm a grocer's son. I'm a ___-__-_-______.''Cory
''Cory and Topanga sitting in a tree. _ _ _ _ _ _ _!Morgan
'' Believe in yourself, dream, try, do ____.'Mr. Feeny
''Oh... Mr. Feeny, you didn't finish your sentence. _ .... ______?''Eric
''Lose one friend, lose all friends, _____ _______''Eric
''As some famous guy once said 'Let there be _______.' ''Shawn

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