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Can you name the facts about the movie Beetlejuice?

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The Maitlands attempt to scare the family by wearing what?
What song does the dinner party dance to?
What year did the film come out?
The handbook that guides you through the afterlife is called The Handbook for the ________ __________.
As for Beetlejuice's occupation, he claims to be a...?
The film was directed by...?
When Adam or Barbara leave the house through the front door, they end up on another dimension called?
Who plays Adam Maitland?
What type of store do the Maitlands own?
Who plays the title character?
What type of creatures inhabit the other dimension?
The only one in the Deetz's household that can see the Maitlands is Lydia who is portrayed by?
How many times must you say the name Beetlejuice before he wreaks havoc?
Who plays Barbara Maitland?
How many times has Beetlejuice seen the movie The Exorcist?
In which town does the film take place?
Lydia can see the Maitlands because she is herself, ______ and unusual.
What is the name of the Maitlands' caseworker?
'We've come for your daughter, ______.'
Beetlejuice tries to tempt a fly with what candy bar?
Who steals the Maitlands' handbook?
Delia Deetz's occupation is?

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