Maximum Ride Super Generation

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Can you name the Maximum Ride mutants?

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Super speed/breathes underwater/avian DNA
Blends with shadows/breathes underwater/avian DNA
Senses colors/avian DNA
Mimicry/passes gas at will/avian DNA
Metal attracter/avian DNA
Mind-Reading/Breathes underwater/talks to fish/avian DNA
Made for leader/Super Senses/future-telling/great voice/avian DNA/Cloned
Lupine DNA
Talks/avian DNA/canine DNA
Galapagos Tortoise DNA
Genetically Enhanced by radioactive waste
Looks like he has lizard DNA/real name is robert
Sensitive hearing/vision
Super Fast/high-pitched sound that erases brainwashing
Super-strength/Fast reflexes
Regenerates Limbs/nickname Starfish
Cloned from leader

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