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DescriptionCharacterBook Appearance
Long black hair, olive skin, grey eyes1
Stocky build, ash blond hair, blue eyes1
Paunchy, middle aged man1
Short black hair, olive skin, grey eyes1
Blond hair, blue eyes, face like a teardrop1
Smells like blood and roses1
Tall, blond hair, green eyes1
Beautiful, with long blond curls2
Older, dark hair, pale skin, glasses3
Long dark hair, pale skin3
Tall, tan skin, green eyes, bronze hair3
Looks fox-like1
Dark brown skin, strong build1
DescriptionCharacterBook Appearance
Tall, brown hair, tan skin2
dark skin, dark brown hair, golden eyes1
Lumpy, with a pasty face, dull yellow hair, green eyes3
Bright pink hair, then later gold1
Dark brown hair, bright green eyes, golden eyeliner1
Green skin1
Golden tatooes1
Orange hair1
Red hair, pale skin, porcelain features, no tongue1
Heavily powdered face, blue hair for the 74th Hunger Games1
Surgically altered face:feline qualities3
Long grey hair, perfectly uniform3
Tan skin, dark green eyes, slightly mad3

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