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First LineCharacter who Said it
'Well, if I end up going to the Capitol, I want to look nice, don't I?'
'You're doing very well.'
'You look beautiful.'
'I told you we should've rescued the boy first.'
'Mm, still warm.'
'Of course. Let's put your hair up too.'
'It senses the density of the fabric and selects the strength.'
'She can't, she's-'
'Isn't my costume awful? My stylist's the biggest idiot in the Capitol...'
'Once it's in the soup, I'll call it beef.'
'Hello, Katniss.'
'I'll keep an eye on the little girl. Make sure she's eating.'
'Of course you don't, you poor darling!'
First LineCharacter who Said it
'Hey, Catnip.'
'I think we'll make this whole situation a lot simpler by agreeing not to lie to each other.'
'Last time I saw him, he said he was going to take a nap.'
'I wouldn't in a million years.'
'She's not!'
'Sorry! You're just so hairy!'
'Hello, Katniss. I'm _____, your stylist.'
'I'm very hard to catch... and if they can't catch me, they can't kill me. So don't count me out.'
'Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be EVER in you favor!'
'The strength of the thread... automatically rules out human error.'
'Look at her! Look at this one!'
'It means we're on your side.'
'It is both a time of repentance and a time for thanks.'

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