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functionThe features that come on iPod touch
It's Who You Know
Wirelessly stream music, photos, and video
Record notes, random thoughts, a friend’s impersonation, or any audio you want
iPod touch comes with screen-reading technology and other accessibility features
Clear Out The Clutter
Cut the cords
Set reminder alerts
Control music playback on iPod touch using spoken commands
Locate your missing iPod touch on a map, remotely set a passcode lock, display a message, and more
It Knows What You're Trying To Say
Print photos, email, web pages, and more from your iPod touch with just a few taps
And Get Results in a Tap
Video Conference
Keep an eye, and a finger, on your investments
Visit your favorite websites
Achieve your fitness goals
Create an account and shop over Wi-Fi anytime
326 per inch
Forget pen and paper
Shop the iTunes Store and choose from thousands of must-see titles to fill your iPod touch
Watch the latest viral video sensation and access your favorite videos.
Take your photos with you
'Game On'
Customize the arrangement of your apps
Stay connected
Good with numbers
Send email and view attachments from your Gmail, MobileMe, or other email accounts
Strictly Personal
Want to know if you should bring an umbrella or pack a sweater?
Find restaurants, concert venues, or any place you need to go and see how to get there
Good clean fun
Juggle More

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