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'I hate Ferengi!'The Magnificent Ferengi
'The name of the game is called, uh...fizzbin.'A Piece of the Action
'It's a faaake!'In the Pale Moonlight
'Thank you, Captain McCoy.'The Immunity Syndrome
'I am the goddess of empathy.'Hollow Pursuits
'That is a stupid question!'Chrysalis
'Oh, very clever, Worf. Eat any good books lately?'Deja Q
'It is green.'Relics
'I knew Brutus was going to kill Caesar in the first act; but Caesar didn't figure it out until the knife was in his back.'Improbable Cause
'You will hang by the neck, Captain, until you are dead...dead...Dead!'The Squire of Gothos
' not...futile?'I,Borg
'THERE...ARE...FOUR...LIGHTS!'Chain of Command
'You bet I'm agitated! I may be surround by insanity, but I am not insane!'Frame of Mind
'I am not a merry man!'QPid
'Well, it looks like we put the bag on you!'A Piece of the Action

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