Tork, Bork, or Björk

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Can you name the person who fits the description: Peter Tork, Robert Bork, or Björk?

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Who....?Tork, Bork, or Björk
was born in Iceland?
was a member of the Monkees?
was nominated for the supreme court?
was a member of the Sugarcubes?
had a solo debut album in the 1970s?
has NOT worked as a schoolteacher?
has their name as a verb in the OED?
was a Phi Gamma Delta?
lives with adenoid cystic carcinoma?
Who....?Tork, Bork, or Björk
inspired a recurring character on the Simpsons?
has an Emmy?
was denounced by Ted Kennedy?
was denounced by China's Culture Ministry?
is a member of France's National Order of Merit?
is blackballed from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
has performed in a Puccini opera?
has served prison time?

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