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Went to see a movie show/found myself an empty row/thought the show was just alright
Taller than the tallest tree is/that's how it's got to feel/deeper than the deep blue sea is/that's how deep it goes if it's real
You and I/are just like a couple of tots/running across a meadow/picking up lots of forget me nots
If you should survive to 105/Look at all you're derive out of being alive
Once I get you up there/I'll be holding you so near/You may hear all the angels cheers because we're together
Whether near to me or far/it's no matter darling where you are/I think of you
I hear music when I look at you/a beautiful theme of every dream I ever knew
You might forget your manners/you might refuse to stay/and so the best that I can do is pray
Wait 'til the warmup's underway/wait 'til our lips have met/wait 'til you see that sunshine day/you ain't seen nothing yet
I've been a puppet a pauper a pirate a poet, a pawn and a king/I've been up and down and over and out and I know one thing
I've never cared much for moonlit skies/I've never winked back at fireflies/Now that the stars are in your eyes
I'm wild again, beguiled again/a simpering wimpering child again
You are the angel glow that lights a star/the dearest things I know are what you are
The way you wear your hat/The way you sip your tea/The memory of all that
When she went the blues walked in and met me/If she stays away that rockin' chair will get me
With each word, your tenderness grows/tearing my fears apart
Hey baby, what's your hurry/Relax and don't you worry/We're gonna fall in Love
You know you fool, you never can win/Why not use your mentality/Wake up to reality
That's where I fell in love/When the stars above came out to play/And now as I wonder, my thoughts ever stray
She loves the free, cool wind in her hair/Life's without care/She's broke but it's 'oke
Is your figure less than greek/Is your mouth a little weak/When you open it to speak, are you smart?
Now this could only happen to a guy like me/And only happen in a town like this
These vagabond shoes, are longing to stray/Right through the very heart of it
Like painted kites, those days and nights went flying by/the world was new beneath the blue umbrella sky

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