AQA GCSE unit 1b uses of em waves

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Can you name the the type of electromagnetic radiation which have these uses or features ?

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Use or featurePart of the electromagnetic spectrum
Comes from the nucleus of a decaying atom
Is used to send signals to satellites in space
Has the largest wavelength
Used to sterilise surgical instruments
Travels the fastest in a vacuum
Absorbed by bones but not soft tissue
Has the lowest frequency
Heat up food under a grill
Has the smallest wavelength
Longest wavelength of visible light
Makes water molecules vibrate in food
Preserving food by killing bacteria
Has the highest frequency
Use or featurePart of the electromagnetic spectrum
Shortest wavelength of visible light
Heat up food in a microwave oven
Make electrons move in an aerial with the same frequency as the wave
Produced by very large voltage supply in hospitals
Mobile phones send out these
Night vision goggles
Used in fibre optic cables to send signals
Reflected off ionosphere
Other than visible light is used in fibre optic cables
Is the same as heat radiation
Gives you a skin tan
Killing cancer cells
Everything we see

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