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Can you name the animals in Arrested Development episodes?

Featured May 24, 2013

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Maeby cuts off the little foot of Lucille's this.
Gob leaves a dead this in the fridge--maybe it's not too late to return it for a refund.
This is the second dead animal Gob tosses into the sea.
Has anyone in this family even SEEN one of these?
Buster freaks out when this walks on his pillow.
SeƱor _____: where Kitty Sanchez absolutely will have a margarita made in her mouth. Spring break!
The girls don't appreciate Buster because of his glasses; they make him look like this. Plus, he's self-conscious.
Maeby got this grade in spelling at the alternative school back in Boston.
Ann Veal (her?) snags third place at the inner beauty pageant by singing 'We Three Kings' to this animal.
Gob releases $13 worth of these into the store where Lindsay secretly works.
Tobias always lands on all fours, like this animal. Let's go, little man!
This pet of Maggie Lizer's can't be blind--he's got a handle and everything.
Buster can't go back to Catalina, where one of these traumatized him in a photo booth.
Lucille always taught Buster to roll up into a ball to repel attacks by these.
Don't try to take the ring shaped like this off Aunt Lindsay's toe, George Michael--it doesn't come off.
Barry Zuckerkorn leaps over a dead this on the pier before taking off for Burger King. (FYI, it's a wonderful restaurant.)
Gob's wife is selling five of Sea World's sickest these to a third-world zoo.
George terrorizes Newport Beach by imitating this animal all over town.
According to Buster, Army rewards its best sand-racers with a stuffed this.
Buster's pet this has a name, Mother--and it's 'Mother.'
The tail of this animal hangs from one of Rita's many hats.
When the FBI asked Tobias to be one of these, they didn't expect him to rent a costume.

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