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A country in all four hemisphere means the 'country proper' as you might say (country land without including territories, departments, etc.) has land in all four hemispheres. For example, France has land in all four hemispheres, but two of those hemispheres include only overseas collectivities.
ClueGeographical AreaExtra Info
...U.S. state with no land borders?
...landlocked Australian state/territory?
...Canadian province with only man-made borders?
...French overseas department/territory with a land border with two other countries?
...Oceanian country with a land border? with no land borders passed by the Arctic Circle? whose flag is simply reversed in time of peace vs. war? in all four hemispheres?
...doubly landlocked* European country? whose capital begins with 'Q'? without a quadrilateral-shaped flag?
...African country with Spanish as an official language? that is crossed by the Arctic Circle yet has no glaciers?
...'-stan' country with a coastline (on an ocean)?
...gulf that doesn't border the country that shares the same name?
...Great Lake that is entirely within the U.S.?
...ocean** that borders only one continent?
...Japanese island with a population of more than 100 million?
...island larger than 20,000 sq km that begins with the letter 'J'?
...island in the Caribbean Sea larger than 100 sq km to have two countries occupying it?

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