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Throughout the night when theres no direct light
I feel I've, never told you
******* was a man, with a horrible disease
Things are falling down on me
Aboard a craft bereft of oar I rowed upstream to find Lenore
I'm trapped here as my senses bleed I can't recall which things I need
I come from the north where the oceans freeze Spent three long months on the open seas
The woman was a dream I had, though rather hard to keep
Wont you step into the *****
Lets go out to....
As he saw his life run away from him, thousands ran along
In the cool shade of the banana tree
Leigh Fordham sold me out
Standing on the edge of a cliff
Goin' downtown to the disco Gotta do it right away
There's a mouse starin' out of the window
Im floating in the blimp a lot
I look into the finance box just to check my status
It was many years ago now But I really can't be sure
Boy. Man. God. ****.
I spoke your name for many days
Last night, in the moments my thoughts were adrift
Trying to make a woman that you move
Im looking through... and it all would be
Got a Blank space Where my mind should be
The circus is the place for me with bears and clowns and noise
The Shoulder that i leaned on was carved out of stone
I feed from the bottom, you feed from the top
Brett is in the bathtub, making soup for the ambassadors
There've been times when i've wondered...
I'm pulling the pavement from under my nails
I press on the elastic sheet, I'm breathing through a slice
Mama sing sing
***** ***** the red red worm
All throughout I gaze and glimpse you Nothing ever did convince you
AAAAAAAAAAAAAA ********** the wind blows high!
It's hidden far away but someday I may tell
it was late one fall night at a fair ground near town
Spasm waiter dropping to his knees, sees
My glance is always darting, when I stroll the avenue
An asteroid crashed and nothing burned
***** sink a boulder in the water
In the morning i pack up my gear and toss it in my carryall
The overhead view is of me in a ****
Passing through the corridor I came upon an aging knight who leaned against the wall in gnarly armor
Rye, rye, rocco. Marco Esquandolas.
when i jumped off, i had a bucket full of thoughts
Dont wanna be an actor
Your time is clear the missions clear
I was taught a month ago
I come from atop the mountain baby
Come stumble my mirth beaten worker
Mr. Palmer is concerned with the thousand-dollar question, just like Roger, he's a crazy little kid
Trapped in time and I don't know what to do
Now that you've deceived me, and played my name around

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