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Can you name the Minecraft Youtuber given a description of them?

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LP'er. Recognizable by his skin, a blue spacesuit.
Maker of the highest viewed Minecraft music video of all time and builder of Jerry's Tree.
Probably the most well-known female Minecraft Youtuber. Participant in the Machinima Survival Games.
Creator of amazing redstone builds like Super Craft Bros Brawl and TF2.
Creator of Minecraft WTF, Bro Code, and Battle of the Sexes. Co-host of Super Battle Heaven Forever.
Great quick-builder and winner of Super Battle Heaven Forever.
Builder of some of the best Survival Games maps and maker of the Minecraft Meet the... series.
Well-known musician who is an avid Minecrafter and runs a server.
The director and main voice actor for the hit Machinima series Newbies. Makes crazy, random videos as his specialty.
Creators of the epic Minecraft series Shadows of Israphel. Diggy diggy hole!
Lover of butter. Hater of squids.
Winner of the Yogscast Survival Games.
LP'er and runner-up of Super Battle Heaven Forever.
On and off Minecrafter who is well known for his LPs.
Made some of the best Minecraft music videos, such as 'Don't Mine at Night' and 'I Found a Diamond'.
Winner of the Machinima Survival Games.

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