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Can you name the Youtube channel given three of their video titles?

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Nugget in a Biscuit, Paranormal Nativity, How to Avoid Being Kissed
The Chopper Gunner, Ultimate Glock Destruction, The SWAT Sniper
Mime Fail, Real Voodoo Doll, If Movies Were Real
Santa Hates Poor Kids, Zombie Love Song, Mr. Douchebag
Thug Gumby, Rhino Sausage, 2 Girls 1 Truck
The Golf War, Fire Flower, Cereal Killer
Super Sloppy Sundae, The Sloppy Roethlisberger, Chili Four Loko
Never Gonna Stop, Snapback Santa Hat, Turn Off the Lights
Kristen Stewart Explains Christmas, Tron Girl, Voldemort vs. Santa
Nicky Minaj the Unicorn, Nerd Gets the Girl, When an *Emo* Calls
Poison Apple, The Fruit Bowl, Pacmania
The Rebecca Blackocalypse, Battle of the D-Bags, No Lesbians Allowed
I'm Hardcore, How to Be a Youtube Celebrity, That Awkward Moment When
Why Girls Hate Each Other, Landshark, What Disney Movies Taught Me
Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions, We Like Sportz, Bing Bong Brothers
Justin Bieber Fever, Time Travel, Dyeing My Hair Red
I Want a Pizza, Eat My Burger, OMG Video Girl
50 Movie Spoilers of 2010, Dance Off, Road Trip Games
Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Babies, Really Bad Day, Football is Kinda Dumb
I Feel Like a Pervo!, Crazy Snake Attack, Mom Tries to Light House on Fire!
What I Hate About College, Girls Are Like M&Ms, I Love My Dad
iMouth, Rulers, Bohemian Slide
Stella Marie Goes Deep, Street Music, Crime Cops
Professor Wikipedia, Religious People are Nerds, Nick Fury in Other Movies
Rapping Movie Titles, Internet Girl, Back to the 90s

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