Your Favorite Martian Songs

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Can you name the songs by Your Favorite Martian?

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LengthSong TitleVocalists
3:13Puff Puff
3:59Puff Puff
3:41Puff Puff
4:12Puff Puff
4:26Puff Puff
3:55Puff Puff
3:36Puff Puff, Deejay, Wax
3:55Puff Puff, Deejay
3:33Puff Puff, Deejay, Benatar
3:52Puff Puff, Benatar
3:51Puff Puff, Benatar, Destorm
3:13Puff Puff, Deejay, Wax
3:12Puff Puff, Benatar
3:30Puff Puff, Benatar, Hoodie Allen
3:23Puff Puff
3:29Puff Puff, Nice Peter
4:23Puff Puff, Deejay
4:00Puff Puff, Benatar
3:38Puff Puff, Benatar
4:08Puff Puff, Deejay
3:55Puff Puff, Benatar
LengthSong TitleVocalists
3:51Puff Puff, Benatar
3:33Puff Puff, Benatar
3:26Puff Puff, Mike Posner
3:44Puff Puff, Benatar, Deejay
3:50Puff Puff, Benatar
4:05Puff Puff, Benatar, Dumbfoundead
3:43Benatar, Puff Puff
3:43Puff Puff, Benatar
3:42Puff Puff, Benatar
3:53Benatar, Puff Puff
3:46Puff Puff, Benatar
3:53Puff Puff, Benatar
3:33Puff Puff
4:22Puff Puff, Benatar
3:36Puff Puff, Benatar
4:12Puff Puff, Benatar
4:03Puff Puff, Benatar
3:42Puff Puff
3:50Puff Puff, Benatar
3:45Puff Puff, Benatar
3:50Puff Puff, Benatar

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