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Can you name the songs by Your Favorite Martian given a short description of the music video?

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Deejay gets in some trouble who girls who may not be girls, and eventually ends up in an insane asylum.
An undead Puff Puff tries to win the heart of a girl.
Puff Puff and Benetar sing with (and about) a whitetrash rapper.
One of the lead singer's relatives begins hitting on his friends through the internet.
Superman thinks Lois Lane is cheating on him, and goes crazy over it.
A devilish guy tries to impress an angelic girl, but she keeps changing between being nice and mean to him.
A redneck gets kicked out of his house, steals his girlfriend's car, and gets arrested at a bar.
Puff Puff falls in love with a girl who smells horrible, but later figures out he was causing the smell all along.
Puff Puff sings about people from various nations.
Mario and Zelda, ex-lovers, are in relationships with different people but still miss each other.
Puff Puff breaks up with his girlfriend and hits the town for a new one.
As a high school kid, Puff Puff falls in love with a girl based solely on her two defining body parts.
Puff Puff tries to win Tig back with a song about his privates.
Puff Puff runs a store that sells nothing but asses.
A gay character from a famous show tries to win the heart of another man from the show who is straight.
Two guys sing about beating up small children.
A guy and his bud go to a party, and he ends up playing a party game for the love of a girl named Corona.
Puff Puff, a little poor kid, beats the crap out of a famous holiday icon.
YFM plays the song in a bouncy house.
The same nerdy kid from another video dreams of flying around in a spaceship and dominating Earth.
A green-skinned kid gets bullied in school for being different.
Your Favorite Martian are cyborgs fighting zombies.
Two guys beat up people from famous video games, and than each other.
Puff Puff goes to a hangout for famous baddies.
Puff Puff works the counter at a bar for famous machine characters.
The band plays a song about girls in a video made entirely out of Legos.
The band plays one of their old songs in front of a crowd.
The band sings about a guy who is a jerk.
A couple from a previous video goes through relationship trouble.
A scientist flies to a distant planet to be with his alien love, but almost doesn't make it due a field of meteors.
Puff Puff tries to win his lover back by bragging about the size of his testicles.
A nerdy kid meets a girl at a comic convention, but suspects she has a boyfriend.
Two guys sing about video games from the 1980's and 1990's.
Benetar is in love with a girl who only considers him a friend.
Your Favorite Martian invades the party of a group of nerds.
Three guys go to a bar, get drunk, and halluciante.
A geeky guy makes fun of another geeky guy over nerdy things, but is interrupted by his mother, who yells at him for watching porn videos on his computer.
The band goes to a club and ends up having a seizure.
Puff Puff and another guy spend a night getting drunk in a house with other guys.
Puff Puff and another guy go to a club, and drink to make a couple of ugly women more attractive.
Puff Puff gets mad in traffic.
A creepy guy spies on his friend's mother, but is beaten up (and possibly killed) when he finds out.

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