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Can you name the name which of the four main South Park characters did this?

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Persuades the people of South Park to buy hybrid cars.
Gets a negroplasty in order to become a basketball.
Managed a peewee hockey team to the championships.
Becomes addicted to getting high off of cat urine.
Has tea parties in his backyard dressed as Brittney Spears.
Killed Jesus.
Becomes the leader of pirates in Somalia.
Joins an ancient society dedicated to guarding the secrets of Easter.
Becomes the vigilante Mysterion, who constantly helps out South Park.
Got kidnapped by aliens multiple times.
Was turned into one of the Crab People.
Becomes the king of the Sea People.
Contracted AIDS and proceded to give it to one of his friends.
Lead Heaven to a victory against the armies of Hell.
Goes on Maury as an out of control teenage girl.
Became the leader of Scientology.
Convinces the town to have faith in economy.
Takes command of the Whale Wars team and attacks Japanese ships.
Got turned into a zombie, and proceded to start a pandemic.
Got a **** from his girlfriend behind a TGI Friday's.
Was put in an asylum for seeing talking feces.
Gets thrown out of South Park for not voting in a school mascot election.
Owned a theme park.
Was diagnosed with sex addiction.
Hits Butters in the face with a throwing star.

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