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One of the back rooms in the Toy Soldier Shop in the United Kingdom features a bundle of letters addressed to characters from this classic book series and Disney franchise.
This ride was known as Walt Disney's favorite, and the Disneyland version was later rumored to be the final resting place of his cryogenically frozen body.
An unfinished section of this resort was later turned into another hotel.
This building on Main Street has Walt Disney's window. (There are three.)
This ride/show has four Hidden Mickeys in a single scene.
This Magic Kingdom attraction is the only Disney attraction to have the flag of another nation flying above it permanently above it.
The roof of the Haunted Mansion appears to have pieces from this game on it.
Outside Magic Carpets of Aladdin, there is a statue of this animal that spits at the guests.
This World Showcase pavilion uses forced perspective to make its main building appear five stories high when it is actually three.
There is a tiny image of Mickey on this item during Soarin'.
There is a rock statue of this fantasy monster in Camp Minnie-Mickey, as a tribute to Beastly Kingdom, the land originally intended for that area.
Walt Disney's private jet is visible in this attraction.
A postcard with a picture of Walt Disney World can be seen in this animated Disney movie.
There is a working _______ on Main Street U.S.A.
This attraction on Bay Lake, which closed in 1999, is still set up in its original location, but is completely abandoned.
This Fantasyland ride was much different and scarier before it was refurbished in the mid 90's.
This Animal Kingdom restaurant has different themed rooms like the Upside-Down Room and Camouflage Room.
A marijuana leaf visible in the queue of this attraction had to be covered up following complaints from guests.
In the train setup at the Germany Pavilion, there is a miniature version of this Disney character on a balcony.
Walt Disney's opening day speech is being tapped out in Morse code in this Main Street building.

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