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Can you name the secrets about Walt Disney World?

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This World Showcase pavilion has intentional design flaws because of its home country's religious beliefs.
This is the only resort that a has a walking path to the Magic Kingdom.
The benches in Animal Kingdom are made from recycled ________.
The back of the plane from the Casablanca scene in the Great Movie Ride is in what attraction?
This ride has a hidden water cannon that splashes onlooking guests.
This Muppet is hanging from the minute hand of Muppet Vision 3-D.
This many real flags are on Main Street.
This Epcot attraction has an American flag taken from the rubble of the World Trade Center.
The small statue of Mickey Mouse standing on the Earth at the top of the Crossroads of the World kiosk in Hollywood Studios also acts as this.
These Star Wars characters are visible in the hieroglyphics of the Indiana Jones scene in the Great Movie Ride.
This Hollywood Studios ride can be seen from World Showcase.
On Star Tours, whose name, spelled backwards, is called?
What is the only animal carving on the Tree of Life that has an official name? (PS: It's David Greybeard)
The smell of this food follows you down Main Street U.S.A.
Both the Magic Kingdom and Epcot have these under the park.
If a guest finds this object on Tom Sawyer Island, they get a free Fastpass.
A statue of this character can be seen in the Haunted Mansion's pet cemetery.
This resort has a Hidden Mickey scavenger hunt.
This Epcot ride, closed in 2007, is rumored to still be fully functional but behind locked doors.
This character flies in the air during the fireworks show.

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