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___, the Creator
Earl ____
____ Beats
____ G
Taco ____
Jasper ____
___ tha Kyd
The ____ 3
Domo _____
Left ____
___ Ocean
What does OFWGKTA mean?
Who is Wolf Haley?
Who is in Mellowhype? (2 people)
Who is in EarlWolf? (2 people)
I'm a **** walking paradox, no I'm not, threesomes with a **** triceratops, Reptar
I'm stuck in triangles, looking for my angel, kill me with a chainsaw and let my balls dangle
Dirty like a bum's unwiped ass now, I'm transitioning from class clown to cash cow
Got all the black bitches mad cause my main bitch vanilla
Somebody tell Satan that I want my fuckin' swag back
Killed him on his own track, that faggot shouldn't have started it
I believe that marriage isn't between a man and a woman, but between love and love
Yo I'm a hot and bothered astronaut crashing while jacking off
This is what the devil plays before he goes to sleep, some food for thought some food for death, go 'head and **** eat
**** I'm a samurai, cut your skinny ass in half, look up at the aftermath, blow some **** hash and laugh
Spit sick **** like my salivas got the rabies in it
Kill people, burn ****, **** school
And I got this black suit on, roaming around like I'm ready for a funeral, five more miles til the road runs out
Wolves, I know you heard of us, we murderers, and young enough to get the **** priest to come and flirt with us
**** Steve ____

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