Haunted Mansion Tombstones

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Can you name the deceased planted at the Haunted Mansion?

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RIP _____, Now you've crossed the River Jordan.
Here lies _____. A great big rock fell on his head.
In memory of our patriarch, dear departed _____.
Requiescat _____. No time off for good behavior.
At peaceful rest lies _____. Burried here beneath this sod.
Here lies _____. The lights went out on this old spartan.
Dear departed _____. He chased a bear in to a cave.
_____ laid to rest. No mourning please at his request.
Dear _____, beloved by all. In regions beyond now, and having a ball.
RIP in memorium _____. Here you'll rest for quite a while.
Rest in piece _____. We all know you didn't do it.
RIP _____. The victim of a dirty duel.
Here rests _____. He road to glory on a fender.

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