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Georgia doctor famous for his use of ether anaesthesia for surgery
Georgia's only NHL team (as of Jan 2010)
Headquarters of Habitat for Humanity, named after Vespucci
State vegetable known for its sweetness
Number of electoral votes (as of January 2010)
English king that Georgia was named after
Wrote The Color Purple, born in Eatonton
Only president (so far) born in Georgia
Civil Rights activist born in Atlanta, Georgia
Georgia's smallest county, consolidated with Athens in 1990
Georgia's state song, popularized by Ray Charles
TV mogul who founded CNN
Large swamp in the southeastern part of Georgia
Large reservoir lake formed by Buford Dam
Georgia's largest county (in land area)
Georgia's only NFL team
Famous US general that burned Atlanta in 1864
Georgia's second largest city, home of The Masters
Georgia's capital and largest city
Georgia's only MLB team
Georgia's two letter postal code abbreviation
River that forms most of the western boundary
Only Georgia county named after a woman
Scholarship awarded to outstanding graduating seniors
Georgia's largest county (in population)
River that forms most of the eastern boundary
Georgia's only NBA team
Georgia's oldest city, and second oldest in US
Famous Dodger (MLB) born in Cairo, GA
Georgia's highest point, at 4784 ft

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