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What is Ted's Band in the Show?
What is Teds band in real life?
Name Dr. Cox's Children?
Who is mole butt?
What is the name of the hospital in scrubs?
What was J.D's Wedding gift to Turk and Carla?
What is J.D's brothers name?
What is the Janitors, girlfriends (wife in season 8) name?
What song plays when Dr Cox loses 3 patients after transplants?
How did the security guard with the big afro lose his hand?
Which friends actor appeared in the show?
Which friends actress appears in the show?
Which of J.D's girlfriends tied him up?
Who has Jonny Tattoed on their bum?
What song to teds band play at turk and carlas wedding?
Who's godfather is Llando calrissien ( Billy Dee)?
Who loves Journey?
Who plays Danni Sullivan?
What disease does Ben sullivan get?
Who has DOC tattoed on his arm?

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